I'm a writer and designer.


I studied English at Johns Hopkins University, where I learned the following: (1) it is not enough to coast on eloquence (thanks Professor Daniel), (2) how to distill my analysis into clear and effective writing, and (3) stories set templates for culture. 

My design knowledge is mostly self-taught, and developed tangentially to my love of literature - though both pull from the same underlying need to understand the narratives that saturate our everyday lives. 

The stories we tell can reinforce stereotypes or dismantle them; can hold us back or propel us forward. In a rapidly changing digital media landscape, the content we consume and the images we internalize carry more weight than ever before. 


I spend a lot of time...


Thinking about extraterrestrial life forms, editing Instagram photos, comparing nutritional labels at Trader Joe's, Googling mercury retrograde, sweating on my yoga mat, peering impatiently down the orange line train platform.


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Select accolades


Muse Creative Awards, Platinum Winner

Marketing Branding & Design, March 2017

MARCOM Awards, Platinum Winner

Invitation Design, October 2016

JOhns hopkins idea lab grantee

Diversity Innovation Grants, June 2016

Hermes Creative Awards, Platinum Winner

Invitation Design, April 2016

Hermes Creative Awards, Platinum Winner

Marketing Collateral/Branding, April 2016



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